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Our Product Overview - Secur Shade


The patented SecurShade security shade system is designed to function as both a commercial-grade window shade treatment and as first-alert security shade technology to thwart a would-be active shooter.


  • SecurShade is designed to make school classrooms safer in the event of an emergency
  • SecurShade deployment quickly when reaction speed is critical
  • SecurShade adds confidence and an extra measure of security to school emergency protocols
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    SecurShade allows natural lighting through to optimize learning environment
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    SecurShade is energy efficient and functional for everyday use
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    SecurShade costs nominally more than a conventional commercial window shade
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    SecurShade is a smart choice when replacing worn out shades
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    SecurShade brings an element of peace of mind to students, parents, teachers, and staff


-National Center for Campus Public Safety, Vanderweil Engineering

"The SecurShade solution addresses the problems of closing the window shades and communicating the alert quickly and at the same time in such a compelling way that they would become an integral tool in the design and specification of new schools, and existing school updates."

-Stated Lee Dore, Principal at Dore & Whittier Architects, Inc. one of the leading architects in the Massachusetts K-12 market.

"Provisions for security in a lock down situation have become an increasingly important part of the design review process. The SecurShade product has the potential to resonate with jurisdictional authorities when developing security measures for school designs. We would definitely advocate for its inclusion in our school designs – active safety measures have become so important to school design."