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How Design and Architecture will deter possible shooters.

From powerful audible notifications over loud speakers such as , to limiting the number of entrances/exits; much attention has been paid to making schools safer in the wake of mass shooting after mass shooting.

Design and architecture have always played a role in allowing public buildings and spaces to feel and BE safer.

There have been 150 mass shootings in the U.S. since January 1, 2018, and a shocking proportion of those took place in schools.

After the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995, designers placed bollards and concrete planters outside federal buildings to deter truck bombs, and installed glass able to withstand a blast in windows and doors.

“This entrance to a middle school, designed by PBK/IN2 Architecture, includes large glass windows, protective poles and an entrance clearly outlined in red.” – CNN

The need for bollards became increasingly apparent after the car attack in Charlottesville, VA, in 2017, when a car was deliberately driven into a crowd of people who had been peacefully protesting the Unite the Right rally, killing one and injuring 28.

At schools, it’s a challenge. There are many things to consider; visitor parking lots and bus dropoffs, and creating a place that is welcoming to students and that doesn’t resemble a prison. Placing bollards and/or strategically placed planters near the entrance soften the overall design and still prevent a threat from driving into the building. Numerous new schools are now built with a single, primary entrance. Every student, teacher and visitor must come through one entrance.

WINDOWS! Lots of windows! Why?

Windows allow administrators to see folks approaching the building. With lots of glass also comes the challenge of safety. As technology continues to evolve, so will design. Design will adapt, involving law enforcement during the process. Together, we’ll develop strategies that allow our children and teachers not only succeed, but to feel safe and secure in the process. Secur Shade was designed with this in mind.

Our system works in the event of a threat, alerting law enforcement and securing the building, teachers, and its students. But during everyday use, our shades diffuse sunlight with an optimum light-filtering design, that creates a warm, natural light environment for learning.

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