Secur Shade: Instant Decision-Free Lockdown

“We have seen fail rates of 60 % to 81 % during simulations that require individual staff members to make & communicate the lockdown decision “

With a press of one button, our Secur Shade system simultaneously sends a message indicating a lock down event with its location within the school to previously selected authorities – principal, security officer, police, DHS, etc.

“As a campus safety professional, it’s our responsibility to make sure our students and staff are safe and sometimes it can seem like spending money on the most high-tech solutions is the best way to go.”

Under everyday use, Secur Shades are raised and lowered manually by a continuous loop, and function as an energy-efficient window shade. They allow natural light in, while keeping outside heat out in Summer, and retain interior heat in Winter. Our system can be programmed to automatically activate every night or weekend. This programming also emphatically identifies any malfunctioning shades and provides greater utilization of the shades’ benefits (privacy, security, heat control etc.).

Listen to Shari Carr, school safety coordinator at Allenbrook School in Williston, Vermont.

For more information, please contact our president, Gordon Clements


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