School Safety & Security

Active shooter incidents have become an ever-increasing critical threat to public K-12 schools, resulting in updated school lock down procedures. Dealing with this active shooter threat has become a high priority for school administrators. The Federal Government recently opened the National Office for Campus Public Safety, dedicated to school safety practices, in Burlington, VT. In addition, Massachusetts, has decreed that every school must review and update their lock down procedures under its Safe-Supportive Schools Law.

Protecting students is the highest priority teachers have in the event of an emergency

SecurShade window shades offer a safer way to protect our children. With a single push of a button, ALL shades in the school will drop instantly while simultaneously sending a message to selected authorities (principal, security officer, police, DHS, etc.) signaling a lock down event while identifying exact location of threat.

Consider the typical lock down protocol a teacher must go through when they see a person with a gun approaching the classroom window: 

  • First concern is to calmly and quickly get students to a safe spot
  • Reach a phone to call the administrative office and hope its answered promptly
  • Explain the situation to the administrative staff
  • Staff member advises Principal who broadcasts lock down alert over P.A. system (hoping everyone hears it)
  • Proceed to lock door(s) and turn off lights while continuing to keep students calm and secure
  • Approach windows to manually lower shades to block shooters line of site

These vital steps take time and assume all school personnel can instantly shift gears, acquire consciousness of the situation, and become poised to act on the alert. In reality, there are many moving parts that need time to coordinate and mobilize, while the safety of students and faculty hang in the balance.

SecurShades dropping instantly triggers a series of lock down actions and communications that remove the guesswork, emergency coordination, and life-threatening exposure that a traditional lock down procedure is subject to.

Furthermore, when all the SecurShade shades drop in unison, the shooter's actions may be interrupted. This provides valuable seconds to deter the threat and provide time for the school to lock down, and emergency personnel to mobilize and act.

Securshade provides valuable added school safety (security) through window roller shades

  • The earliest possible on-site threat detection
  • SecurShade is at-the-ready in every school room
  • Eliminates dangerous exposure from traditional window shade lowering protocol
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    Entire school lockdown enabled with press of a button
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    Instantly blocks lines of sight of active shooter
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    Seamlessly close all the shades in the school in under 4 seconds with the push of a button
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    Provides a powerful visual school-wide lock down alert
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    Sends the alert, with location, to front office and to first responders
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    SecurShade security applicable for any building with safety considerations

Our interviews with the National Center for Campus Public Safety, Vanderweil Engineering, a leading consultant in school design, and Dore Whittier, a leader in K-12 architecture, all confirmed the SecurShade solution addresses the problems of closing the window shades and communicating the alert quickly and at the same time in such a compelling way that they would become an integral tool in the design and specification of new schools, and existing school updates.