Armando Villaseca is a retired Teacher, Principal, Superintendent and Former Vermont Secretary of Education.


I like the concept of soft and subtle security, bringing added peace of mind by giving them better control over all that glass.

Frank Staub – Police Foundation

Using roller shades as a tool for school safety is brilliant and it falls well into the guidelines of NFPA 3000.

John Montes – NFPA Specialist attached to NFPA 3000

Your idea of using roller shades to create added safety is just brilliant. We are excited about the prospect of partnering with you.

Mike Johnson – CEO ClearPath Alerts

Your product certainly has valuable merits that can be utilized for a variety of needs and will be used in future decision making.

Maria Padilla – Chief of Police, Cape Cod Community College

We would definitely advocate for SecurShade’s inclusion in our school design process – active safety measures have become so important to school design.

Lee Dore – Principal, Dore & Whittier Architects, Inc., Burlington VT

SecurShade is cutting edge technology that can instantaneously cover the windows and make our school safer. The test was instant – it is awesome.

Shari Carr – Safety Coordinator, AllenBrook School, Essex VT​

SecurShade replaces worn out and broken shades with quality, they conserve energy, reduce solar gain and they visually communicate a lock down. For such a small increase in cost I strongly recommend schools consider this innovative school safety product.

Lyall Smith – former VSBIT Physical Plant Consultant; current CSSU Director of Buildings & Grounds

I love SecurShade for its simplicity and sustainability. This technology is so compelling in what it does for a school that it should literally be pulled through the distribution channels into the schools.

Michael Kerwin – Principal, Vanderweil Consulting, Boston MA​